7 Empowering Words That Describe You During Your Breakup (Just When You Were Feeling Sorry For Yourself)

You might be feeling sad and alone, but the process you’re going through right now is one that will change your life for the better. I promise you.

But before you throw yourself a pity party, here’s 7 empowering words that describe YOU. Yes—you—with all the tears, tissues, Netflix, and sweatpants with popcorn still stuck on them from two nights ago. You are AMAZING.

I’ve been writing about my clients and followers for a while, and the one thing I see consistently is that they aren’t giving themselves enough love and compassion. So, I took the liberty to write a blog about how amazing you all are for going through this process. I don’t make this stuff up, you know.

Courageous. It takes courage to leave a relationship that wasn’t working for you. Even if you weren’t the one who instigated it, you are a fiercely courageous person for putting yourself out there and being your best self in a relationship. Courage means that you put your heart out there and were willing to try, even if you didn’t know how it would work out. Don’t ever stop doing that just because this relationship didn’t go the distance.

Positive. I know you’re getting out of bed, going to work, and putting on that brave face for your friends and colleagues. You’re known for being a positive person, and that’s something you will want to appreciate about yourself, especially during this breakup period. Even if you don’t feel it right now, know that your positivity will carry you through this difficult process.

Strong. You are mentally and emotionally stronger than you think—trust me on this one. Those tears and questions you have do not signal weakness—they signal vulnerability. Being vulnerable is a huge sign of strength as it’s not easy to be transparent like that. Our society does not promote self-love and compassion the way we deserve during a breakup, so know you’re an incredibly strong person for going through this journey.

Trusting. You might be feeling so hurt by the breakup because you trusted someone with your heart. You know just how hard it is to open up and trust, especially after being hurt. I know you’re over there thinking that you don’t want to give your heart to anyone else again, but isn’t there this part of you that knows how amazing it’ll feel to fully give yourself to someone new again?

Fearless. Being fearless is actually not the absence of fear, but the courage to keep going knowing that the fear is still around—that totally describes you. I know you’re still putting yourself out there and going on date(s) in hopes of meeting the right person.

Just because you’re afraid to move on doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from doing it. I see you taking one step after another, and that’s something to be proud of. Your ability to handle adversity is something to admire.

Inspirational. Who knew breakups could be inspiring? They certainly are. Because very soon, you’ll be sharing your breakup story with someone who is fresh out of one, and you’ll talk about what you did to move through it with empathy and compassion for yourself. The Universe needs you to experience this because it’s going to be something you talk to others out and inspire them to keep going in their journeys. Talk about #MOTIVATION.

Beautiful. Maybe you’re labelling your crying as the “ugly cry,” but the way you’re going about the healing process is beautiful. You’re letting yourself release those built-up emotions and mourning the loss of a relationship you truly appreciated. On top of that, you’re doing the work and self-reflection so you can grow to become an even better person. Is that not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever witnessed? I think so.

Alright, feel better now?

You deserve it. 

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