Hire your own personalized online coach to work through your thoughts and feelings during your breakup


I’ve designed 2 offers for you.

OPTION 1: On-demand breakup support — Private session

Need immediate guidance around your breakup? Book me as early as today. $200

  • A full 90-minutes to talk through the rollercoaster of emotions you’re experiencing (subsequent sessions are $295/each)

  • Provide any recommendations of books, videos, podcasts for deeper learning

  • Helpful if you’ve been struggling to find out how to navigate your breakup, or your thoughts about whether or not to break up

  • No consult needed — just book me directly to your calendar right now!

  • Perfect if you want to see if the Full Breakup Coaching Process is for you

OPTION 2: Full Breakup Coaching Process

A 6-week (minimum) commitment to help you find relief and hope during your breakup. Pricing varies depending on your personalized needs. Inquire for details

  • Weekly 60/90-minute sessions to keep you accountable during your breakup

  • I’ll help you turn those negative emotions you’re feeling into deep insight for yourself (the ultimate self-improvement model)

  • I’ll teach you how to see your breakup as the best gift you’ve ever received (I know it sounds impossible but it’s not at all!)

  • You’ll also get tailored & practical homework/exercises included to deepen your understanding

  • “Unofficial” lifetime support via email — because I love what I do

  • Side effects: healthier future relationships, and deeper awareness of self

  • Option to add an additional 6 sessions

Have some questions? Get further details on what you can expect in these FAQs

What others have said about Breakup Coaching

I have to honestly admit that I was reluctant to sign up for the session with you because I was not sure this was how I wanted to spend my money.  After all I have so many expenses with the divorce and my new house. I want you to know that in retrospect, my conversation and learning from you have been the best money I have ever spent. I now have a clear perspective on what is going on in my life and have strategies for regaining my health and well being. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction." — S. H, Vancouver

“Working with Nancy has been amazing to say the least. Honestly, this coaching was not what I expected at all and I am incredibly grateful to Nancy for making it that way. Her coaching style is great and she was really fun to work with! We were actually able to dig much deeper to the (unexpected) root of a lot of these issues which I feel has really given me a much more grounded and positive outlook on my failed relationship as well as my future relationships and life in general. I've already recommended her to another friend struggling with a breakup and I will continue to recommend her to anyone else in need. Thanks Nancy!” — T.C, Bali

“Before starting with Nancy, I was skeptical. I had many moments where I would think to myself ‘I will never recover from the trauma and heartbreak of my relationship ending. No therapy or coaching will ever help.’ I was heartbroken for about two sessions and all of a sudden, things took a turn. Beyond my wildest dreams, during my third session a light was exposed in me. I was smiling for the first time in years, I was speaking from my soul and I felt a realness where my mind was connecting with my heart. Today as more sessions have passed, I am able to talk with hope, positivity and I am excited for a new chapter that is only upwards and onwards for me. The recovery is hard work, I’m still going through moments of doubt except this time my doubts are not about my ex and I ending. I’ve learnt that I’m still learning. Nancy is helping to guide me to be the better version of myself where I am finding my light again. I’m forever grateful!” — V.V, Vancouver

“To anybody looking to improve the health of their personal relationships & communication style, I would highly recommend you engage with Nancy. She is energetic, insightful, and is full of wisdom that will change you for the better. I have learned that rather spending time reverse-engineering why a relationship went south, you are much better off to be wiser and spend more time evaluating WHO you want to be in a relationship with. what a concept!“ — M.G, Vancouver

“Nancy has a real gift. In our sessions, she listened deeply - to what was being said, and what wasn't being said.  She asked great questions, and intuitively knew where to gently 'dig' to help reveal what I wasn't seeing or processing.  She helped me gain clarity, and gave me so much to think about.  Nancy is truly a skilled coach who can make a difficult time easier - highly recommended!” — M.H, Vancouver

“I was pleasantly surprised by Nancy's coaching approach. It was clear from the outset of our session that she has a gift and she uses that gift very well. Nancy could hear and understand my concerns and had the sensitivity and skill to bounce ideas off of me to help me shift my perception. In our session, I learned some valuable insights about what it was that was holding me back from dating, and interestingly, I could apply that same perspective to other areas of my life. — Y.V, Surrey

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