Ready to finally let go of your ex?

This free online mini-course might just be for you.


An insightful and honest way to help you through a very confusing time, and turn what you think about your ex, into things you see about yourself. This course includes simple-yet-profound guidance from revolutionary teachers whose teachings have changed the way I see myself, and my relationships. I’ve specifically designed these steps based on my client conversations in working through their biggest breakup challenges.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, this introductory mini course will help you see your breakup experience in a unique way. For private coaching, contact me here.


  • Those of you who have tried “everything” (the gym, meeting new people, meditation, therapy, dating again, etc) but can’t seem to shake the harsh feelings of their ex

  • Those of you wanting a deeper way to look at your breakup (and discover there’s more than just your ex’s part in the breakup)

  • Those of you looking for more than band-aid solutions to your breakup

  • Those of you new to personal development work 

  • Those of you intrigued by psychology and spirituality (even if you don’t know too much about it)

  • Those of you familiar with inner work, and are wanting to apply it to your breakup


  • A guide on what to “do” in order to get over your ex 

  • A science-based, logical perspective, “just let it go already” kind of course — but there are many books out there with the backing

  • A “woo woo” approach to breakups — it’s actually very practical, simple, yet deep


I am a breakup coach, former professional matchmaker, and certified coach (psycho-spiritual understanding) who’s seen how traditional ways of getting over a breakup don’t free us from the feelings we have for our ex. I know you’ve already got the morning routine, goal setting down, so let me show you what else there is to see. It just might surprise you.


STEP 1: Seeing the Mirror (Exercise/Effect)

  • How to see what your judgments about your ex reveal about yourself (and why this is such a powerful way to see things in every part of your life)

  • Includes a simple exercise you can do 

STEP 2:  The Stories We Create About Our Relationships  

  • Understanding the “truth” about what you think our partners did to you 

  • Exploring what part of how you think about our ex is actually true?

  • Includes a simple exercise at the end 

STEP 3: Going From Blame to Compassion

  • How to free yourself from putting the blame on your partner (even if you are convinced they are to blame)

  • How to see the good in your partner (even if you are convinced they are anything but) 

  • How to stop taking your ex’s actions personally (even if that seems impossible)

STEP 4: All About Trust 

  • What to do when you’ve lost trust in your ex/dating again

  • Enhance your intuition when it comes to dating 

  • How intuition works beyond rationalization 

STEP 5: Understanding “Home Base” 

  • How to see things when you feel so deep in your own emotions (if it feels like you can’t stop crying, ruminating, etc)

  • How to deal with the things your partner “did” to you (even if it feels like they stopped you from living your life fully


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