Thanks for your interest! For some quick FAQs on my unique Breakup Coaching process, see below. If you’ve got a question you don’t see below— don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the contact form.

How many services do you offer?

I offer 2 - option to book one 90-minute session together, or to buy the process which is a 6-week minimum commitment. All done completely online.

How long is the breakup coaching process?

The Full Breakup Coaching Process is 6 sessions, and can renew for another 6.

What inspired you most to become a breakup coach?

After years in the professional matchmaking industry, I realized just how many people needed post-breakup coaching; there really is so much shame that comes up. I wanted to be deliberate in helping people work through a sensitive area of each of our lives. I’ve also gone through my own breakup journey and coach people with more consciousness and intuition. Read my full story here.

Who typically reaches out for breakup coaching?

I work with a lot of men. Most of my clients are looking to connect with their higher self, meaning that they want to centre their coaching around more consciousness. They’re tired of their friends’ advice about the things your ex did wrong, or why you should just start dating immediately.

Why invest in this type of process?

You rarely see a specific business built on helping people heal from relationships, and also get “in training” (as I say) for the ideal future partner. My clients know they’re investing in the best version of themselves. If you’ve been working on becoming a conscious partner, then my programs are definitely for you.

Do you help people completely recover from heartache?

I would love to say yes, but the truth is that I will only play a meaningful role in a client’s recovery. Every client definitely has a profound takeaway depending on their unique journey.

Do you help people pre or post-breakup?

Both! Clients come to me for guidance around their cluttered thoughts about their relationships. Every client has an intention to work through their feelings in a deliberate, conscious way. It’s tough to open up about wanting to end a relationship, and that’s why I encourage you to seek help before you make such a big life decision. If you’re recently out of a relationship, it’s tough to ask for help. Period. Just by looking at these FAQs, you’re already in transition to healing past your breakup.

Do you accept everyone who inquires?

Unfortunately, I don’t. The reason being that I work with a select group of clients and require a high level of focus on them. This type of coaching requires a lot of energy and empathy. My clients must also be coachable and ready for the process; this is something I find out during a consult together.

What “requirements” do you have for anyone wanting to book session(s) with you?

I want to get a feel for whether or not the person actually wants to be coached, or if they just want “strategies” for getting over their ex quickly. See the following question about what I mean.

Do you help people to get their ex back?

I get this question often. The short answer is no—that’s not up to me. That said, if, throughout our process, you reconnect with yourself (yes, yourself!), your ex might find their way back to you.

Do you accept international clients?

Absolutely. Many of my clients are abroad. I just use the video conference platform zoom.us, or any other platform of their choosing.

How do you deal with various timezones?

Given that I’ve been coaching around the world, my clients are willing to be coached outside their regular hours (and this is to be discussed during our intro call). Fortunately, I’m an early riser and have conducted sessions at 7:00 a.m. PST!

Will you be doing a breakup coaching online course?

Yes! This is in-the-making and will be created so that you can be your own coach in this process. Stay tuned for details later in 2018/early 2019.

Where can I find you on social media?

TWITTER @nancydeen

YouTube @breakupcoachnancy

How do you differ from traditional therapy?