Most men have no idea how to process a breakup in a healthy, conscious way. I’ve created a process that does just that, so you can move on with clarity and ease.


Breakup Coach Nancy

Owner of hellobreakup

Here’s the low-down on me; as a former matchmaker, I worked with a lot of men to help them find love. But in that time, what I realized my clients needed more than ever was a breakup coach—not a matchmaker! Many of them hadn’t healed after parting ways with their exes, which left bitter energy lingering during their dating endeavours—I’m sure you know exactly what I mean here.

After a few years, I chose to leave my job as a matchmaker to create a biz where people came for mental, emotional, and spiritual help during one of life’s most challenging times. I became a certified coach (psycho-spiritual coaching with Dr. Amy Johnson), and decided I’d coach people how to look inward so they’d take this knowledge and improve their entire lives—not just their post-breakup recovery!

Frankly, I couldn't be happier serving my clients who genuinely want to use their breakup experience to become the best version of themselves.

To be perfectly honest, I love working with men. I know there’s a lot of dating and relationship coaches for women, but I have always resonated working with men to give a balanced energy in our sessions.

In time, my coaching will help you not only work through your breakup, but develop you to become the partner your future girlfriend deserves.

It’s huge that you’ve gotten this far and want to submit your inquiry, so know that just by getting here—you’re one step closer to getting over your ex.

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