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You’ve been looking for a coaching program that’s going to not only help you get over your ex, but will help you develop yourself.

I’ve worked with a ton of clients (many men and women) to get to know their toughest breakup-related challenges, and have designed a program that will specifically address them all. My objective here is to not only coach you through your feelings and thoughts, but guide you to see things for what they actually are.

The best part? You’ll be ready to coach yourself through your own breakup by the time this program is over.

Depending on your preferred # of sessions, we hand-select which of the below lessons best suit your challenges. If you chose one lesson, it’s easy to create 6 sessions out of this. We can also do 1 lesson per session (but most require 2)

Clients who have completed my programs have consistently said how they were pleasantly surprised to see things they never saw before. I guess the question is, are you ready for that?

Have a scroll, find out which ones appeal to you; it’s my job to explore your needs in the consultation together — so don’t worry if some of these concepts feel a little new.

Lessons for the Breakup BREAKTHROUGH VIP Experience

Lesson : Communication skills 301

Let’s be honest, we hear about the need for good communication, but how did your communication affect your last relationship specifically? This is a client favourite — because you’ve never heard it in this way before

  • techniques to enhance your communication to get what you need in a relationship

  • debunking your communication style — and how to get it where you want it

  • find out what else is governing your communication style?

  • how men and women communicate differently (and why it’s a little different than you think)

  • what are your relationship needs? (most people don’t know theirs!)

Lesson : core beliefs

These are the beliefs that we don’t even realize play a huge role in our every-day lives

  • what is secretly governing your thoughts/beliefs about relationship and dating?

  • where did you learn about your core beliefs?

  • learn all your various beliefs and how some/many of them have limited your ability to find suitable partners (and maybe even other areas of your life)

Lesson : how we trick ourselves with the stories we create about our partners

The minds is powerful — but in this lesson we explore its limits. You might just laugh at yourself

  • how to look at what your ex did, say, etc., and turn it into the most insightful way to learn about yourself

  • learn how to stop blaming your partner (even when it feels like that’s the hardest hurdle to overcome right now)

  • how to see beyond your thoughts and find clarity

Lesson : why we feel so emotional — and what to do about it

It’s so common to think we are CRAZY for being so emotional during a breakup. In this lesson I explain how this simply isn’t the case

  • learn practical ways to deal with your “negative” emotions during a breakup (and why it’s not scary at all!)

  • learn how to create a relationship with your feelings (most of us have a peculiar relationship to begin with)

  • learn how to deal with the self-talk that comes from feeling this way

  • find out the “truth” about emotions

Lesson : Understanding the type of partner we are

This lesson will facilitate deep learning about you in your last relationship, as well as how to show up in your future relationship(s)

  • how are you showing up in your relationships?

  • learn how to adjust your energy to attract the ideal partner for you

  • learn practical ways to attract—and keep—the right partners

  • how to deepen your own relationship with yourself (and why that’s important when finding/being with a partner)

  • are you dating in a way that actually suits you and your needs? (many people aren't!)

  • how to finally see your partner for who they truly are (even if you’ve been blaming them and don’t know how to stop)

Lesson : Understanding fear vs love

At all times, we are either being loving, or living in fear. A client favourite, this simple concept is simple yet transformative

  • how to know when you’re doing this, and how it may have affected your partner’s actions/words

  • how to give your partner compassion (even when it feels impossible)

  • understand your own relationship to fear - how did this relationship (or lack thereof) affect your actions in your previous relationship?

  • the big question: how to know if I chose my previous partner out of fear?

What else is required to enrol in this program?

  • You must be coachable — during our consult, I’ll find out if you are ready to embark on this type of process. Due to the specificity of my guidance, it’s important that we align on our values and intentions

  • You must be committed — we meet once a week for the duration of your sessions. Flexibility given for travel/etc

  • You must be open-minded — are you ready to let go of some of the narrative you’ve been holding onto? That’s where true exploration begins

But what if I’m excited to apply, but nervous?

I totally get that! Sometimes we find a program that speaks to us, and we just aren’t sure we are fully ready at this time. I’d recommend applying and see how the consultation goes. It’s a no-strings-attached kind of deal. You’ve got to feel comfortable! I’ll answer any of your questions during that time.


I’m a guy and I’m intrigued by this program. Is it also designed for men?

100%! The majority of my clients are men! It’s designed for both men and women given that I’m the one facilitating privately, and these concepts come down to the human experience. I get how caught up we can be when we are trying to fit in “men” vs “women” concepts, so what I teach is more universal and applicable to everyone.

What’s the average # of lessons people usually buy?

6! Several of my clients renew as well.

What if I like 1 or 2 lessons in here, but don’t want to commit to a program?

I get that! Definitely check out my masterclass if you’re looking to learn a little about these concepts, but aren’t looking for a longer program.

How does this program differ from your other services?

The Breakup BREAKTHROUGH VIP Experience is my creme-de-la-creme service. It’s full of learning, exercises, deep inner work, and commitment. I’m also available to you via email throughout the program for additional accountability.

My Breakup Masterclass is a shorter, but intensive class that addresses a few of these concepts. It’s perfect for someone who is really feeling the call to develop themselves, but prefers a shorter duration—and friendlier budget. Email communication given in this program.

With my individual sessions, clients come to me as they just have one or two questions they really want to work through. There is no set agenda/lessons for these sessions. I always offer any relevant recommendations. Perfect for someone who isn’t looking for a committed program.

Do the people you work with finally get over their ex after this program?

Amazing question! This program is whole-heartedly designed to get you seeing the way you look at your last relationship in a way that might just do that. It’s focus is less on your ex, and totally on you. Many of my clients have found their power after taking my programs. Ultimately, getting over their ex is up to my client.

I love this program, but I’m not sure I can pay in full.

No worries! I accept up to 3 payment depending on which # of lessons you choose. We’ll discuss this in our consult.

I’m really into this program, but I’ve also got things I want help with. How do I fit that in this pre-planned coaching program?

This is such a great question. In our first session together, we make time to go over your perspective, your biggest challenges, and we make time with every subsequent session to check in, and see what’s going on with you. Because this is such a personalized program, I’m not just teaching lessons at you; I’m coaching you through that week’s challenges/feelings/thoughts.