Why Investing In Breakup Coaching Might Just be The Best Decision You Ever Made (And It's Affordable Too)

Alright, so you're wanting to finally get over your ex, but there's just one problem: therapy costs $250 per hour and you're not looking to commit to $15K for life coaching. Your friends are supportive of your getting over him, but their advice just isn't doing the trick.

Plus, they can't stand to hear you talk about him any more at happy hour. 

You know what you "have" to do to get over him, but you're not sure how to actually do that. 

You know you have to:

  • stop staying in touch with your ex, even though you like talking to him from time to time

  • stop comparing your new dates to him, even though he was pretty much perfect for you (besides not wanting to be a couple anymore)

  • stop bringing him up as if he's still present in your life, even though you feel he played a big part of it

  • start getting clear on what you really want in a relationship, but when you do that, you think of all the good times you and your ex had

But again, how do you really do that? It sounds logical, but none of this is about logic. It's about emotionally developing yourself to guide you towards clarity. You feel like you're in this weird vicious cycle that keeps pointing you back towards you and your ex. You want to break the cycle, so you think maybe after enough dates, you'll have found Mr. Right and that will be the end of it. 

If only it were that easy. 

Plus, you've heard of the power of coaching based off your friends and colleagues' recommendations, but you're not sure your bank account can get on that same level of enthusiasm. You might still be paying off student debt, paying a lot of your income towards rent, or finally just got that job that gives you enough income that you can finally order guac for an extra $2.50. (Yay!)

And you're also not convinced you need to develop a year-long (or more) relationship with a therapist to solve all your issues. After all, you've got your work, education, health, and friendships on point, so it's really just about getting over your ex and moving on to someone worth spending your life with. 

So who actually qualifies for breakup coaching?

Breakup coaching is the right fit if you:

  • Just ended a relationship

  • Want to get relief from all the obsessive thoughts 

  • Want to feel confident about the decision to end the relationship 

  • Are tired of hearing your friends say they're tired of you talking about your ex

  • Have been broken up with their ex for a while yet still thinking about him

  • Prefer not to break the bank while going through a personal transformation

  • Are curious about personal development

  • Have been out of a relationship for a while, and have been struggling to get your life in order ever since 

  • Are in need of more empathy 

  • Love inspirational content and love to get motivated 

  • Enjoy learning from coaches and have used one in the past 

So now that we've broken down the overriding issue: budget (downtown living) + you don't want to commit for a year, let's find out if any of these scenarios scream #OMGmyliferightnow.

Scenario #1

You're going on dates, and some of them are pretty good, surprisingly. Until you see your ex on a dating app, and suddenly all those feelings, thoughts, memories, come rushing through your body, making you feel paralyzed. You thought you were doing okay after things ended, but you're realizing now that maybe you've got some unresolved feelings. 

Scenario #2

You think you're totally fine post-breakup, yet you want to share those big milestones with your ex, even though it's been over a year, and your friends are wondering if you're ever going to cut that "emotional umbilical cord." You think it's healthy to still be pretty close with your ex (given that most people aren't), but you secretly get annoyed when he doesn't email or text you back. 

Scenario #3

You continue to date men (meeting IRL or on the apps), but have never found that perfect combination of "good on paper" and long-term material. After all, your ex pretty much had it all (minus the emotional availability part) and now you're not sure if it's the guys you're going out with, or the fact that maybe your subconsciously (or consciously) picking men who are all-too-similar to your ex. You don't want to believe it's you, but you can't help but think what part you're playing in all of this. Maybe you're just meant to be with your ex once you two finally grow a little apart. Yes, that must be it. 

Scenario #4

You seriously hate that you two are broken up; you know things were perfect, but what relationship is? Sure, you fight a lot, but surely thats because you two really care about each other. You often hear your friends and family telling you that you're still young and he's just not the right guy for you. Even though a part of you feels that's true, you feel sick at the thought of him not being part of your life anyone. You find it hard to concentrate at work, and you really don't like being alone at your apartment. 


Okay, did I just totally call you out, or what? (My bad. Not really.)

Breakup Coaching At a Glance

Now that we've confirmed that you're looking for an affordable, healthy + quick solution to your breakup, let's go into the details of what you can expect in this service. 

Your Breakup Plan includes:

  • 1 Preliminary Coaching Session, with option to continue depending on first session

  • Guidance on the beginning and middle of your breakup. From discussing: 

    • how to handle social media (delete, block or keep following him?)

    • getting past the first month alone

    • how to get relief from always feeling the need to talk about your ex 

    • did you make the right decision to breakup?

    • how to get your friends to support you in this time

    • what you can do to help heal your broken heart

    • how to gain confidence as a single woman

    • how you can be your own best friend during a breakup

    • what you're looking for in a partner and how to achieve that

    • what books to read that specifically relate to your breakup

    • how to actually find the guy you're meant to be with  

  • Creating a plan for your future (so you can let go of the uncertainty)

  • Range from 1-12 weeks depending on plan

  • Flexibility in your breakup package so your coaching sessions are tailored to your specific breakup needs 

Price: $200 for the first session (1.5 hours). Continuation depending on first session. 

Sound too good to be true? It's not. My mission is to help thousands, maybe even millions, of amazing women get access to an affordable breakup service so they can focus on creating their ideal life. It's our birthright to live the life we dream of, and working through a breakup is the step that often leads to a beautiful life, with the right guidance and support. 

Find out how we can get you through your breakup together. Book me here.