Your breakup coach

“A Breakup Coach? I’ve never heard of that before!” — anyone who meets me for the first time.

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Here’s a little about my story; I’ve had the privilege of working as a professional matchmaker in one of Canada’s most single cities! Yes, it’s true. I’ve advised on singlehood and dating for several years. But in that time, what I realized my clients needed more than ever was a breakup coach—many of them hadn’t healed after parting ways with their exes. After a few years, I chose to leave my job as a matchmaker to create a biz where people come for mental, emotional, and spiritual help during one of life’s most challenging times. I became a certified coach (psycho-spiritual coaching with Dr. Amy Johnson), and decided I’d teach people how to look inward so they’d take this knowledge and improve their entire lives—not just their breakups. Frankly, I couldn't be happier serving my clients who genuinely want to use their breakup experience to become the best version of themselves.

PS. I’m always reading 3 books at once. Ask me for a recommendation!

So, where else can I support you?

  • Your friends don’t always understand what you’re going through, and you’re looking to get guidance from someone who’s worked with hundreds of other people in the same position

  • You’re in need of someone who will listen, empathize, relate, and help turn complex thoughts into clarity

  • You’re looking for resource recommendations (books, articles, podcasts) as you find it overwhelming to sort through all the noise on the internet about what you “should” do in your particular circumstance

  • You want to speak to someone who has been trained in coaching, communication and psychology, and who has insights into the Vancouver dating scene and relationship industry

  • You’re ready to learn about yourself in a deeper way